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Our Values

Association Football is the world’s most popular sport, its evidence in human culture dates back to China’s 3rd-2nd century BC. Though some oversimplify the reasons why it became the magnificent phenomenon it is nowadays to its simplicity (which has definitely play a role); a couple of other factors have been fundamental for its growth.

An important step in its transition to the modern era, was the formation of the FA, and the unification of the rules in 1863. This created the conditions that allowed the game to go global. However, though simplicity and unified rules were key, the principles of inclusion and meritocracy completed the recipe. This last elements have become essential parts of football culture, and therefore, core values of our game.

This values are best exemplified by the World Cup. More nations take part in the Fifa World Cup ( 204 entrants for South Africa 2010 ), than the 193 members that the United Nations counts with. Even the smallest and poorest nations on the planet, are granted their right to compete, and gain qualification based solely on their sporting merits.

Beyond the World Cup, every Fifa sanctioned competition adheres to the same concept, weather it is at the nations or club level. All potential entrants are granted the right to compete, and it is merit the criteria used in order to determine how far each will advance.

The spirit of our game, however does not end with its Continental Competitions. At the domestic clubs level, inclusion and meritocracy are achieved by the practice of promotion and relegation. It is important to emphasize the role that promotion and relegation plays in the larger scheme of world football, in order to make a fair assessment of what is at stake.

The reason why we should implement pro/rel in the US, is to be in touch with values that, not only have become part of our game’s DNA, but which rightfulness is something worth preserving. Within its inclusive spirit, lies a dream of a better world, a hope for a better humanity.

Our Vision

The United States have all the conditions to have one of the bigger and most interesting leagues in the World. We just have to allow the game reflect that reality.

Our Mision

To built a meritocratic structure, that honors the principles that define the global spirit of Association Football.

Miryam L. Ferrer

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